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About DentDefense

The DentDefense Group is a leading provider of appearance protection products. The company's attention to customer experience
exceeds the high service expectations that consumers, dealers and manufacturers all expect in today's market.

In an industry that tends to follow a pattern, The DentDefense Group thinks a little different. Point of purchase marketing materials
are always evolving, and DDG works directly with dealers to create content that enhances their constantly changing processes.
After purchase, every customer receives a hard plastic card with their contract number, information and contact number for making claims.
The commitment to dealers and customers by DDG is complete, from before the sale to long after.

The protection products DDG offers to dealers include:

        ● Dent Defense- unlimited removal of dents without paint damage
        ● Glass Defense- repairs of chips and cracks in windshields
        ● Key Replacement- replacement of lost and damaged keys and remotes
           (also includes Motor Club roadside assistance in certain states)
        ● Tire & Wheel Protection- repair and replace damaged wheels and tires
        ● Cosmetic Wheel Protection- repair wheels with surface scratches

All of the above products are offered in a variety of packages, always customized to meet the dealers' needs.  Some of the best selling bundles include:

        ● DentProtect- Dent Defense, Glass Defense & Key Replacement
        ● DentProtect Premium- Dent Defense, Glass Defense, Key Replacement & Cosmetic
          Wheel Protection
        ● DentProtect Plus- Dent Defense, Glass Defense & Tire & Wheel Protection
           (with approval for advance from FMCC)
        ● DentProtect Select- Dent Defense, Glass Defense, Key Replacement, Cosmetic
          Wheel Protection, Tire & Wheel Protection

Contact us at (925) 288-8900 for a no cost, no obligation meeting on how the DentDefense Group can help your dealership!

*Please see contracts for exclusions and detailed information on coverage

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